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SB Tech guys is a team of experts ready to assist you with any service relating to growing your small business.

Services include consulting for small business setup and implementation to cutting edge corporate strategy. But we don’t stop there. Our team specializes in finance and accounting, information and technology, web development, social media, and compliance issues.

We thrive on assisting small business entrepreneurs with growing their up-and-coming businesses. Small Business Tech Guys has over 100 years of joint executive experience in a variety of fields across the Small Business spectrum.

If it’s small business – it’s our cup of tea!

Cloud Services

Fishbowl Services and Support

SB Tech Guys has years of experience working with the Fishbowl platform. We can provide guidance in setting up your fishbowl, day to day usage of Fishbowl, and providing complex solutions to problems within your Fishbowl platform. We work directly with Fishbowl Support to make recommendations and adjustments to their software, as well as assisting with custom built plugins that will enhance the usage of Fishbowl, to our customer’s specific needs.


Accounting Services and Support via QuickBooks

SB Tech Guys offers a business perspective to finance and accounting that helps you partner your entrepreneurial spirit with sound financial perspectives. When it comes to creativity and strategy, we think like business owners. When it comes to compliance and accuracy we think like financial professionals. We want to say yes to your vision while insuring best accounting practices. We like to assist with embracing ideas and accomplishing business goals while seamlessly aligning compliance and accuracy.

Will your financial people present information and reports as a business owner would? How many can answer questions from a business and finance perspective? How many reach out with an available IT expert? Are you able to get answers from analytics professionals quickly? How many of them understand the complexities of logistics, inventory management and supply chain?

SB Tech Guys has an extensive background in Small Business. We have experience with complex business structures and can bring that understanding to your organization at a fraction of the cost when compared to big business offerings. We look forward to a discussion as to how we can handle your payroll, bookkeeping, accounting, and finance needs. Please schedule a free discovery call today.



For all interested, potential clients, we provide one free hour of discussion-based consulting. We use this hour to get to know you and the needs of your company, while at the same time, you discover if Small Business Tech Guys is a fit for your business.

Together we will analyze your particular situation and provide a written proposal of services along with a weekly time estimate required to perform them.

You are encouraged to mix and match from our general list of services. This way you maximize your spend and only pay for the time your business truly needs.

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