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SB Tech guys is a team of experts ready to assist you with any service relating to growing your small business.

Services include consulting for small business setup and implementation to cutting edge corporate strategy. But we don’t stop there. Our team specializes in finance and accounting, information and technology, web development, social media, and compliance issues.

We thrive on assisting small business entrepreneurs with growing their up-and-coming businesses. Small Business Tech Guys has over 100 years of joint executive experience in a variety of fields across the Small Business spectrum.

If it’s small business – it’s our cup of tea!

Business Services

Document Design & Buildout

SB Tech Guys uses Canva to create custom flyers, brochures, invitations, notices, banners, billboards, or anything else your heart desires. You give us the information, we execute your request, as quickly as possible, and get back with you to review. We can make changes or adjustments as needed and provide you with a finalized and beautified document.


Small Business Smart-Forms

SB Tech Guys builds robust, intelligent forms, that respond to your clients’ needs. Our custom-created online forms will get you the pertinent information from your customers and push it directly to your email immediately upon submission. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and combine that with years of experience in online form building.

Smart-forms can be dynamically responsive to employ conditional logic so that your users are asked only the questions to convey the right data directly to you. Our forms can ask relevant, follow-up questions based on the choices that users make. Forms can expand to just the appropriate inquires so that initial user-landings do not seem daunting or overwhelm your potential lead.

Smart-forms are HIPAA compliant and can even be password protected. Let SB Tech Guys handle your online forms and customer data collection, so you don’t have to!


Small Business Consulting

How would you like to have a consultant on tap or on staff that has extensive experience in Information and Technology IT – as well as business accounting, strategy, best practice as well as how to save money? Does such a professional really exist?

You got it, based on the contract we can become your US based, outsourced Small Business IT team member. We will sign NDA’s to ensure your complete trust and comfortability for companywide initiatives to a single project governed by a specific NDA.

We can consult on any project, conduct research, provide guidance and add perspective/vision for any team within your organization. Best of all, you can contract with us for the number of monthly hours you may need.


Mobile Phone Management

SB Tech Guys will help you with your Mobile Phone Management! We will review your mobile phone account and consult regarding adjustments that can be made to save you money. We will then keep a running log of all phone lines, devices, and device payments. We will use this to review your phone bill, monthly, to ensure you are not being charged inappropriately. We can either reach out to your mobile phone provider on your behalf to make changes and dispute problems, or simply bring them to your attention!


HR Consulting

Do you own a small business? Are you getting overloaded with HR tasks, such as payroll, hiring, and employee satisfaction? What about HR compliance or implications? But unfortunately, you don’t have enough employees to justify a full time HR team.

Never fear! SB Tech Guys is here! We support small businesses through HR Consulting. We provide support and guidance for HR tasks, as well as compliance issues.


Time & Task Management/Consulting

Do you know how much time your company is spending on tasks that are key to your company’s success? What about tasks, that could be taking up too much time, and inhibiting your success?

Not sure? Maybe just a guestimate?

Let SB Tech Guys help with that! SB Tech Guys, highly recommends Harvest Time Tracker. We will help you set up an account, build out the proper tools you will need inside Harvest, to successfully manage your team and your time, and train you to use Harvest properly! If desired, we can even manage your Harvest for you, ensuring you receive key nuggets of information, without the hassle of another thing to review.

Here is a quick breakdown of what Harvest can do:

  • Harvest makes time tracking easy, for those who value insight.
  • Every business needs the ability to answer some essential questions: Where is my time going? How much do my projects really cost? How much are they bringing in? Harvest harnesses the power of time tracking to make getting answers easier than ever.
  • Time is tracked, not for the sole purpose of being on the clock, and simplifying payroll; instead time is tracked to allow insight into your teams capacity & efforts, and the specific details of Projects and Tasks their time is “actually” spent on.
  • Start and stop timers as you work through your to-do list or enter all your hours into a timesheet in one go. You can track time in whatever way is easiest for you.
  • Time is assigned to a project, and a task within that project. You can set hourly and or fee-based budgets to track your project’s progress. Harvest sends you automatic reminders when you are about to reach your budget. Harvest’s powerful reporting lets you pinpoint the exact tasks that are not using time wisely.
  • You can also keep your projects on track (and make sure your business is going strong) with answers to key questions, courtesy of intuitive visual reports pulled right from your timesheets.
  • This robust reporting feature allows managers the ability to review tracked time, in relation to team member, project, task, and even client.
  • Harvest allows for expense tracking, in relation to projects or tasks. And projects/tasks can be designated as billable and used to create invoices that can be sent to clients directly from Harvest, if need be.
  • Harvest has many integrations that allows for seamless application across several platforms, ie. Asana, Slack, Grow, Zendesk; to name a few!

Contract Negotiation & Consulting

Do you struggle with Contract Negotiation? SB Tech Guys is here to help! Give us the details of what you want, and we will go to work to make it happen.


Phone Systems

SB Tech Guys provides support, and setup of Phone Systems. We recommend using We will help with the setup of your account, as well as support for your phone system.


Small Business Help Desk

More and More Small Businesses are turning to Low Cost, Outsourced IT Professional Services every day. Because it’s so effective it has now become a mainstream low-cost solution for thousands of businesses worldwide.

IT Outsourcing helps reduce costs, manage your IT budget, and provides fast effective services that scale as your demand does.

Many technology issues today can be resolved quickly and cost-effectively by taking advantage of the power of remote IT Support.

You enjoy lower support costs as it eliminates the need to have an in-person visit for addressing every little issue that may occur. This reduces downtime and the high costs of having someone always on sight or the need to drive to your office.

Leveraging leading edge remote-access technology allows us to resolve most issues within minutes of a request. It feels as though we are physically on-site.

Standard Service desk hours 9:00AM – 3:00PM Monday Through Friday.
After Hours Support available – slower response time.

Time can be scheduled for:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Cyber Security Best Practices implementation
  • Security Threat Management
  • Maintain and Secure your IT Needs

Maintaining your IT is disruptive and time-consuming. Let us schedule and install software patches, security updates and perform service maintenance monthly with no down time for your staff. Make technology serve you not own you. Let us run the tech while you run your business. Our skilled IT professionals are here to serve you.


Virtual Assistant Services

What could you do for your business if you just had the right support team? SB Tech Guys offers US-based, virtual/executive assistants to take your business to the next level.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants (VA’s) provide off-sight, outsourced, support services to other businesses. The term originated in the early 1990’s, focusing on the ability to work virtually from anywhere using the internet, document sharing, and cloud services.

Many small businesses use outsourced, virtual talent to leverage services from social media management to accounting services to a help desk, and everything in between. We provide administrative, creative and/or technical services remotely. We will streamline your small business with our low-cost mix and match services. You stay in control of your valuable time. No more getting sidetracked on the important but time-consuming details of your business. You simply delegate the time consuming and distracting tasks to us, and we go to work. This allows you to remain strategic to focus on the big picture of your business again.

Why choose SB Tech Guys?

  1. We have been in business since the early 1990’s, and we’re here to stay. We are interested in long term, win-win relationships. We are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau for a reason. Use our free Discovery Call to learn more about us.
  2. We never use single, virtual assistants. We employ and manage a dedicated, talented team with a laser-like focus on your business.
  3. We have a curated blend of services specifically tailored to the unique requirements of small business. We mix and match our services to save you money.

Basic Analytics Services

Business decisions are best made when data is available and easy to understand. Our basic analytics package will enable you to use what you have more efficiently. Let our certified data analysts do the background work so can you spend the time making decisions that will positively affect your bottom line.

Basic Analytics Services Include:

  • Assessment of your data goals
  • Assessment of your data sources
  • Setup of a data-driven philosophy for management
  • Setup of a data reporting mechanism for management
  • Product recommendations for achieving your data goals
  • Weekly maintenance of data reporting mechanism for management

These services are available within our mix-and-match bundle pricing. Advanced Analytics Services are also available to support data-driven decision making.

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Advanced Analytics Services

Business decisions are most impactful when made with the context of all affected areas. Our premiere analytics package helps you formulate a data driven culture within your organization. Let us help your organization derive meaningful insights that will help you take your business to the next level.

Advanced Analytics Services Include:

  • All services included in our basic package
  • Weekly data review sessions for questions, requests, and coaching
  • Setup of a data-driven philosophy within your organization
  • Setup of a process for data collection and reporting within your organization
  • Maintenance of finished projects, including reports, metrics, and dashboards
  • Maintenance of data-related products, including business intelligence (BI) software for data reporting and other data-related products mutually agreed upon for use within your organization

In addition, SB Tech Guys can assist with strategic data projects, because business needs are often data needs. Between systems, products, reports, and research, there’s a lot of potential data that can give you the tools to better operate your business. Let us help you outline the correct data project to close the gap between you and your objectives.

Potential Projects:

  • Research
  • Report creation
  • Metric creation
  • Dashboard creation
  • System setup
  • Personal coaching on data programs or products
  • Personal coaching on data analysis practices and techniques
  • More upon request

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For all interested, potential clients, we provide one free hour of discussion-based consulting. We use this hour to get to know you and the needs of your company, while at the same time, you discover if Small Business Tech Guys is a fit for your business.

Together we will analyze your particular situation and provide a written proposal of services along with a weekly time estimate required to perform them.

You are encouraged to mix and match from our general list of services. This way you maximize your spend and only pay for the time your business truly needs.

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