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SB Tech guys is a team of experts ready to assist you with any service relating to growing your small business.

Services include consulting for small business setup and implementation to cutting edge corporate strategy. But we don’t stop there. Our team specializes in finance and accounting, information and technology, web development, social media, and compliance issues.

We thrive on assisting small business entrepreneurs with growing their up-and-coming businesses. Small Business Tech Guys has over 100 years of joint executive experience in a variety of fields across the Small Business spectrum.

If it’s small business – it’s our cup of tea!

Radio Services

Cloud Radio Station Automation

SB Tech Guys can help get your Radio Station Automated. We use several different software programs, to automate keep your station running 24/7 using scheduling software. This ensures you do not actually need to be sitting in your studio around the clock to run your shows. We will help you get this feature enabled.


Podcast Production

Podcasting is an excellent marketing tool to promote your business or service, present information and set you up as an industry expert. With wide broadcasting experience, SB Tech Guys is a natural choice for end to end podcast creation and distribution.

SB Tech Guys provides the following:

  1. Live Board-Op/Producer for the show
  2. Connect to and cover the costs of LD for all guests
  3. Provide a 800 toll-free number for callers during the shows
  4. Connection with an Internet based Codec for the Host
  5. Comrex Access for connection or our proprietary software, Audio Compass
  6. Record and create .mp3 files of your podcasts and upload them to your internet servers so you can host podcasts and downloads of on-demand shows from your web sites
  7. Production/creation of your podcast branding/music including show intro/outro and music bumpers in and out of stop sets/breaks
  8. Production of audio ads from the copy you provide

We recommend creating audio ads to run in your podcasts. Selling those ads in a package, combined with your website banners, will turn your podcast into a profit center. Consulting is available as part of our services.

Consider coupling Podcast Production with our Social Media Management Services.

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For all interested, potential clients, we provide one free hour of discussion-based consulting. We use this hour to get to know you and the needs of your company, while at the same time, you discover if Small Business Tech Guys is a fit for your business.

Together we will analyze your particular situation and provide a written proposal of services along with a weekly time estimate required to perform them.

You are encouraged to mix and match from our general list of services. This way you maximize your spend and only pay for the time your business truly needs.

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